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Warner and Butler 

A musical collaboration between Marley Starskey Butler and artist Emily Warner

Piece #1 titled "Yep, Yes Good" (12m25s)

Performed at FLAP - Event (001) - 30/11/2019

"Experiments in togetherness through listening. Flexible and [favouring femme]. Inviting stillness and intimate assembly. Uncertainty welcomed. "  Emily Warner


Piece #2: "Automatic Exchange" (5m16s)

Performed at FLAP - Event (002) - 21/12/2020
FLAP MIXTAPE  23m16s > 28m30s

Laurenz Theinert X Marley Starskey Butler

Silence (2021)

Audio: Marley Starskey Butler

Visual: Laurenz Theinert

"Dear musician friends and sound artist friends. Feel free to join in. Send me a sound file (no lyrics please) of max. 60 sec. and I will record a video for it on my visual piano and we share it on facebook and instagram to spread a little joy in the social media. please send it via e-mail to And feel free to share the post. Take care but have fun​. Laurenz"

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