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Leela and the Spaceship | Leela and the Spaceship EP

Released 12 September 2010


Cedric Monzali | Drums

Hayley Ford | Clarinet

Jamie Osbourne | Voice

Josh Elliot | Guitar & Backing vocals

Marley Starskey Butler | Bass & Electronics

Shaun Gannon | Guitar

Recordings | Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler

Artwork Photograph | Sarah Paine 

"Leela and the Spaceship were a Derby based band that existed as a three, four, five, then six piece for two years. The band later became a four piece and continued to gig and record. This represents the first two years, and the self titled EP they released under the Naplew Productions imprint. "

Leela Anchor
sagan Front #3 copy.jpg

Sagan Lane | Funambule

Released 03 March 2011 

All songs written and performed by Sagan Lane. 

Sagan Lane are Marley Starskey Butler and Sarah Bilodeau

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler 
at his home on the Woodpile Unit. 
Artwork Image by Emma Linnane. 

"Sagan Lane were the collaborative duo of Marley Starskey Butler and Sarah Bilodeau. Sarah met Marley when emigrating from Monreal Canada. They made and released a full length album called Funambule in 2010 and 2011. "

Funambule Anchor

Caution Elephant | Monster

Released 01 June 2012


Cedric Monzali | Drums

Eleanor Williams | Voice

Emma Reading | Guitar

Marley Starskey  Butler | Bass

Engineered and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler on The Woodpile Unit

Active 2011 - 2012

"Caution Elephants sound ranges from heavy and dark to light and playful. The band was formed by bassist Marley Starskey Butler and guitarist Emma Reading, who provide driving force of the tracks. Then came Cedric Monzali’s atmospheric, primal drums and Eleanor Williams’s haunting vocals and fairytale-esque lyrics. The result is experimental but catchy songs equal in style and substance." Ellie

Caution Elephant released one single and music video called Monster

Monster Anchor
Orange Peel and Paper copy.jpg

Released 02 May 2010 

All songs written by Eleanor Williams*

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler.

​Eleanor Williams | Voice, Ukulele, Piano, Toys, Organ, Xylophone, Bits and Bobs.

Marley Starskey Butler | Bass, Guitar, Organ, Toys, Bits and Bobs and Treatments.

*Its Only A Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald
*If I Only Had A Brain from the Wizard of Oz.

Photo used for album cover by Daniel Flinders

"A Record made in two days April 24th and 25th 2010, this record is a snapshot of some of the really fun and playful recordings we made, download it for free or make a donation in which all the proceeds go to Womens Aid"

Eleanor Williams Anchor
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