Reimagining Soho House (2019)

These portraits are currently being exhibited at Soho House Museum in Handsworth, Birmingham. Part of a new Don't Settle alternative tour for the reimagined space. "...The inclusion of a portrait series, an interview and new objects loaned from local female entrepreneurs have been added to Anne Boulton's Sitting Room. By connecting Anne’s story with those of modern business woman involved in the Handsworth community, we hope to both celebrate Anne and highlight parallels between her experiences and those of business women today, bringing her story into the present."


Portraits from left and right are: Lynda Mcfarlane, Lorna Phillips and Simone Smith. 

Printed and Framed by AG Photographic + Photolab  Birmingham 

Commissioned by Free Radical, as part of The Beatfreeks Collective, for a Birmingham Museums Trust project  at Soho House (Handsworth).  Funded by Lottery Heritage Fund

Curators |  Juwairiyyah Wali , Tia Shah, Aarifa Amatul-Hayye , Amira Ismali
Producers | Dezzy AlexanderHaseebah Ali
Dont Settle Team;
Producer | Sharan Kaur Dhanda
ssistant Producer | Laura Rakotonirina
Project Manager | Andreea Chelaru