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Ena | Documentary  (2018)

Three selected excerpts from the 'Ena' Documentary. Ena is my mother/nan/private foster carer. I decided to document her talking about her life and experiences whilst she is happy and healthy at 79 years of age. The documentary is for my personal archives, but these three excerpts can be shared universally. For two reasons, one, to share with people the wonderful woman Ena is, and two; to hopefully inspire everybody who sees it to take their camera out and start sitting their relatives down and ask them questions about their lives whilst they are still healthy. Footage that they can share with their children and their children's children about the family they maybe didn't get to meet.  To celebrate our personal celebrities whilst they are here. In the first excerpt Ena gives a little wisdom in-between questions. The second excerpt, shot in 2017, was shared in response to the England’s current immigration crisis surrounding the Windrush Generation. Ena is part of that generation, and this is her talking about her initial experience of England, after moving here from Jamaica is the early 60's. "Racism has come far, but it has further to go now". And in the third excerpt she talks about her  experience of Wolverhampton market after moving here from Jamaica in the early 60's. 

Directed, Photographed and Edited by Marley Starskey Butler, Music by Marley Starskey Butler. 

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