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Dreaming Tower Ballroom (2020)

Music by Marley Starskey Butler.

This short documentary film made by Birmingham-based Iconic Productions  delves into the rich heritage of the Tower Ballroom and features an interview with the Dreaming Tower Ballroom projects Lead Historian Professor Carl Chinn MBE alongside archive imagery and cinematic visuals of the Edgbaston site.


The Dreaming Tower Ballroom project aims to revive the rich cultural history of the Tower Ballroom, Edgbaston alongside a public call for submissions to gather memories and reinterpret them through art. The project, ideated and managed by Bertz Associates, has received art funding from Arts Council England and Birmingham City Council to ensure that creativity is being kept alive during the coronavirus outbreak for communities who remember the establishment in one of its various forms.

Commissioned by Bertz Associates 

In association with Healthy Brum

Tower in Memories (2020)

"A moving image piece by artist Marley Starskey Butler. Found sounds of crowds from within the Birmingham Tower Ballroom in the last three decades, juxtaposed with fragments of the Tower and surrounding areas current textures and detritus. This piece connects the diverse voices that have expressed themselves within the tower's walls. Walls that housed the culture, community, and spirit that humans brought to it"

Commissioned by Bertz Associates / Arts Council England

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