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Ena Rose Francis
Ena and Uriah | A Garden Note

Ena and Uriah | A Garden Note “19.05.23”


I visited my childhood home and found a dusty old plastic camera on Ena’s dresser in her bedroom. It had some film inside and I had no idea if it had been used or not. It appeared like it hadn’t so I made a handful of photos in the garden. I knew the camera had been sitting there for years and years and years and the film would have been expired. I had no idea a single photo would even come out, especially as the number dial was not even moving when I was shooting and I just kept going until the camera would not shoot anymore. These are two of those photos.


Ps. half the roll was in fact already used and there were photos from some funerals including a great image of Ena and her best friend which I’m excited to show her! one moral of the story is.. dusty cameras are laying around with film in, find them and make photos! Especially when family is involved. Ena is my mother, nan, auntie, foster carer. Im really happy to have this photograph as it is just as much about the details around her in the garden telling their own little stories about her. 

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